HIV and the Law: Risks, Rights and Health – 2018 Supplement

Publications - Released in 2018

In 2012, the Global Commission on HIV and the Law called on countries to outlaw discrimination, repeal punitive laws and enact protective laws to promote public health and human rights for effective HIV responses. Today more than 89 countries have taken action to repeal or reform laws: some have repealed laws criminalizing HIV, same-sex relations, and drug possession, and others have enacted laws advancing reproductive rights, sex education, and the human rights of people living with or at risk from HIV.


This Supplement highlights developments since 2012 in science, technology, law, geopolitics, and funding that affect people living with or at risk from HIV and its coinfections. The recommendations add to and amplify those of the Commission’s 2012 report Risks, Rights & Health, which remain as relevant as they were six years ago. 


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Thematic Areas

  • HIV, Ethics and the Law
  • Human rights


  • Timur Abdullaev, Edwin Bernard, Chris Beyrer, Leonardo Castilho, Brian Citro, Lucica Ditiu, Chenchen Du, Richard Elliot, et al