Training Modules on Hepatitis B and C Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment

Publications - Released in 2020

The increasing trend in hepatitis-related deaths is alarming and action can be taken. Cirrhosis and liver cancer due to hepatitis is preventable as treatment prevents disease progression and hepatitis C infection is curable. The Global Health Sector Strategy (GHSS) for Viral Hepatitis 2016-2021 outlines the vision of elimination of viral hepatitis as a public threat by 2030, as part of Sustainable Development Goals for health.

Many countries are developing their national response for comprehensive prevention, treatment and care for hepatitis, as part of Health for All. Delivery of services for screening, diagnosis and treatment of hepatitis B and C as part of existing health services underlies universal health coverage. Capacity to deliver good quality services by all cadres of health care providers for hepatitis care is important.

These training modules have been developed by WHO South-East Asia and Western Pacific Regional Offices as part of biregional collaboration, and were developed following global WHO guidelines for hepatitis which can be adapted to country-specific needs. The modules are available publicly for the use capacity building of health care providers.


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