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Youth Lead

YouthLEAD is empowering young people aged 14 to 25 directly affected or at high risk of being infected with HIV, through regional advocacy and national grass roots work across 18 countries.

To fight discrimination and ensure that their human rights are respected, YouthLEAD is working through in-country representatives (focal points) and partners to provide leadership training to young people in general and to young men who have sex with men, young women, young transgender persons, young people who use drugs and young people involved in sex work in particular. The objective is to empower the young key affected populations (YKAPs) to articulate their needs and speak up for themselves, so that they can ensure their and others safety and sexual health. YKAPs often suffer from social, educational, legal and financial marginalization, which contribute to their individual situations as well as to their risk of contracting or transmitting HIV.

YouthLEAD uses the networks it has established in Asia and the Pacific to communicate the needs and requirements to multinational organizations such as the UN, global conferences, partners and multinational networks, to ensure that young people’s perspectives are taken into consideration in government legislation, aide initiatives and development programmes. Youth Lead collects, presents and argues its case to the world’s powerbrokers in an attempt to compensate for young people’s diminished capacity to participate in the political and democratic processes as adult voters.

Key areas of practice

Advocacy, leadership development

Country/Countries of engagement

18 Countries in the Asia-Pacific region

Mailing address

Level 4, 51/2 Ruamrudee III Building, Soi Ruamrudee, Ploenchit Rd. Bangkok, 10400 Thailand

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